Paintings - Gustave de la Reine

Gustave de la Reine is an European Artist who embeds his love and deep knowledge of music in the canvasses he creates. 
Gustave’s unique Artistic Expression infuses Poetic symbolism through Musical Structure and Notes. 

His art is always evolving, and reflects his ever changing perception of the world around him.

He paints while listening to music, using the same musical writing and that is why Gustave is different from any other artist in the world. He does not compose music but he creates a personal language to illustrate the music that someone else wrote.

Gustave's work is highly precise and sophisticated, and can add a discrete touch of elegance to your house.

More and more people around the world are getting fascinated by Gustave’s distinctive style, as proven by the broadening audience of his suggestive live streams.

Gustave de la Reine artistic expression revolves around different themes: our condition as human beings, the holiness that music brings into it, archetypical icons and the magic of opera creation.