Rainer Barbi

German Rainer Barbi Pipes | Craftsmanship and Tradition since 1974

Rainer Barbi Pipes: The Legacy of a German Master Craftsman

Rainer Barbi began making pipes in 1974, emerging as one of the German pioneers in freehand pipes. Known for his youthful spirit and dedication to craftsmanship, Barbi created unique pieces that have become iconic in the world of pipes.

Throughout his career, Barbi received international acclaim and maintained a strong connection to the German market, producing pipes that accept 9mm filters, popular in the region. His creations, characterized by Cumberland mouthpieces and a particular focus on tobacco chamber coating, are admired for their beauty and functionality.

Barbi crafted both smooth and sandblasted pipes, as well as meerschaum pipes, each marked with "r. barbi - handarbeit" and a delicate "r.b." on the stem, symbols of authenticity and craftsmanship.

In 2014, Holmer Knudsen began series production of Barbi-designed pipes through DanPipe in Germany, continuing his legendary work.

Unfortunately, Rainer Barbi passed away in May 2011 after a brief but intense battle with pancreatic cancer, but his contribution to the art of pipes will remain indelible.

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