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Halloween is an Irish custom based on the Celtic Samhain. It was not until the strong emigration of the Irish to the USA that Halloween was brought to America and then back to Europe, gaining worldwide fame.

The Peterson Halloween Series Pipes: Despite Samhain in 2009 and Dracula in 2012, the Halloween pipe marks a novelty for Peterson. Never before has there been a black, sandblasted system pipe, making it intriguing for collectors as well. The stem features a seasonal color.

2023 Novelty: For 2023, a revival of the Jekyll & Hyde finish was created with a smooth and rusticated side of the bowl. All models are from the system catalog and feature lip bites - a real highlight for fans.

Conclusion: Explore our selection of Peterson Halloween Series pipes at Bollitopipe.com and add a touch of mystery and charm to your collection. Enjoy fast and secure delivery right to your doorstep. Choose your favorite pipe and get ready to celebrate Halloween all year round.