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Starting from 1986, the Ascorti family was able to use the name Caminetto again and therefore decided to place the Ascorti brand on the freer and more imaginative shapes and the Caminetto brand, which had existed since 1968, on the classic models which, however, were not those of severe English classicism. The Caminetto pipes demonstrate, with their light and delicate elegance, without however denying the classical origin, that the Bulldog or Rhodesian shapes do not necessarily have a stocky and heavy appearance. The annual production of the company, in which six people work, amounts to to 4,500 specimens (including those marked Ascorti). Each pipe is handmade. Particular attention is paid to the processing of the mouthpiece: in fact, the high quality given to it is difficult to find in other acrylic mouthpieces.

Look at our selection of Caminetto, thanks to its experience of over 65 years in the world of pipes, selects only the best for its customers.