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Carlo Scotti created the Castello pipe in 1947, in a little artisan workshop. His aim was to produce a pipe which was technically and aesthetically at the absolute summit of the quality "parametro". This quality means many things which are hard to explain. It means working only and exclusively the best briar, that is: extra-extra. Knowing how to work at the right moment, not before or after. Knowing how to work with respect for precise parameters of functionalism, aesthetics and good taste. Choosing only shops of the highest professional reputation, once the briar has been transformed into a pipe. And many other things. So today the "immagine Castello" has been created as a perfect reflection of what Carlo Scotti set out to do 50 years ago, and that is what Castello pipes are really all about His work-passion continues unaltered under the faith full guidance of his daughter Savina and Franco Coppo.Only the few Castello official retailers they can boast inside their shop the Castello pipes.

History of Brand