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An English brand created in 1863 by Russian emigrant Frederick Charatan, which opened near the Tower of London where the old companies were based. Frederick retired in 1910, leaving the management of the Company to his son Reuben, considered by the family to be the most talented craftsman. The history of Charatan can be divided into three periods: Pre-Lane Limited before 1950, Lane era between 1950 and 1980, and finally the post-Lane period after 1980. Charatan was the first English company to import root crops from France and then process and finish them in its own factory. The bombings of the Second World War hit the Charatan factory in London, almost destroying completely everything that was there. The Charatan family did not give up and in a short time "The House of Charatan" became one of the most prestigious English brands, competing with the famous Dunhill between the 50s and 70s. In 1960 the Company was based on Prescott Street was purchased by Herman G. Lane. No major changes occurred until 1965, when Ben Wade was purchased by Charatan. The last major change was in 1978 - 79 when Lane sold the Company to Dunhill. The end of Charatan's independence began, which closed the Prescott Street factory in 1982 and many models were manufactured in France, mainly by Butz-Choquin. In 1988 Charant passed under the administration of J.B. Russell, a North American company, but after a few years it returned again under the administration of Dunhill who hired Colin Fromm to try to bring the brand back to the glories of its best times.

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