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Rattray's Pipes: Excellence and Tradition since 1911

 In 1911, the skilled tobacco blender Charles Rattray realized his dream and took over a tobacco shop in the old Scottish capital, Perth. In no time, the shop became the top address for tobacco enthusiasts. In his small tobacco factory, Rattray blended exquisite specialities for gentlemen. Over time, he expanded his portfolio, offering his customers private label pipes, still made today from the finest quality briar and available in many beautiful classic shapes. Each piece is crafted with the care and know-how of the world’s oldest pipe companies.

Punti di Forza:

  • Tradition since 1911
  • High-quality briar
  • Wide selection of classic shapes
  • Premium and meticulous craftsmanship

Explore our collection of Rattray's pipes and discover the elegance and quality of true works of pipe craftsmanship.