Mastro Geppetto

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La Mastro Geppetto: Quality Artisan Pipes at Low Prices

Discover the Mastro Geppetto pipes, created by hand by Giancarlo Guidi in the renowned Ser Jacopo laboratory. After his experience at Mastro de Paja, Guidi founded Ser Jacopo, using the prestigious "Extra Extra" briar to create very high quality pipes. Mastro Geppetto pipes reflect the typical aesthetic approach of the Pesaro brand and are available in a wide range of colours. 

Finishing options include smooth, sandblasted and rusticated, ensuring a unique look for each piece. The pipes come with durable acrylic mouthpieces and feature a fixed shape design and conventional drilling. This ensures the unmistakable quality of Ser Jacopo, but at affordable prices.

Main features of Mastro Geppetto pipes:

- High quality material: Made with the "Extra Extra" briar used for Ser Jacopo pipes.

- Variety of finishes: Available in smooth, sandblasted or rusticated finish.

- Aesthetic design: They reflect the distinctive aesthetics of the Pesaro brand.

- Low prices: They offer Ser Jacopo quality at more accessible costs.

Explore the Mastro Geppetto line today and find the perfect pipe for you, combining superior craftsmanship and elegant design at a competitive price.