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Per le pipe in pannocchia PIPA MISSOURI MEERSCHAUM IN PANNOCCHIA PICCOLA DRITTA “LEGEND“ e la PIPA MISSOURI MEERSCHAUM IN PANNOCCHIA PICCOLA CURVA “LEGEND“ quale filtro in carta è possibile usare il 3mm o il 4mm oppure quale?

Può usare i filtri in carta, balsa o carboni attivi, da 6mm

Vorrei sapere Quanti ml. di liquido Nicosolov sono contenuti nella boccetta prodotta dalla ditta Savinelli


Quando ritornerà disponibile il prodotto?


Questo prodotto è molto che manca.
Se desidera ho disponibili i white elephant


Salve, la veretta della pipa Peterson Christmas 2023 è in argento?

Le confermo che la vera è in argento.

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vorrei sapere costo della confezione perchè qui non si vede grazie


grazie per il suo msg, i prezzi sono molto vari, componiamo i cesti in base al suo budget, partendo da circa 70€.


Castello perla nera K Is that pipe shape 15 or something other number? Sincerely mr Jukka-Pekka Kuusiniemi

This is not really a shape #15, the shape #15 have too tall bowl.


Dunhill 1989. What is the pipes condition? Any flaws? Sincerely Jukka-Pekka

this pipe is new, unsmoked

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It's my first time ordering, what should I do?

After clicking on a product, you enter the Product Sheet. Here you will find the "Add to Cart" button: by clicking on the button, the product is added to your virtual Shopping Cart. After having finished browsing the various categories of the online catalogue, you can go to your Shopping Cart, modify the quantity of products in the order, remove or add others and proceed with sending the order.

Why do I have to register?

By registering you will have several advantages.

- Permanent Cart. The Products you add to your cart during one visit will remain on subsequent visits until you decide to delete them.

- Order History. You can see all the purchases you have made, print a summary of the order and check its status.

- Address Book. You can add addresses that you can use to ship your purchases directly to someone you're gifting, or to an address other than yours.

Furthermore, if you are registered, when you return to purchase you will not have to re-enter all your data each time.

How much is the transport?

Delivery costs vary according to the type of shipment chosen by the customer and include all ancillary costs (packaging, shipping, etc.). The amount is highlighted in the final summary of the order.

Buonasera oggi ho fatto un acquisto (pipa Castello) come ospite . A seguito mi sono registrata creando un account . Ora per monitorare l’ordine se accedo tramite account personale non vedo l’ordine e se accedo come ospite inserendo la mail mi . . .

Grazie per il suo ordine, purtroppo non posso trasferire gli ordine negli account, riceverà comunque la mail con il tracking di spedizione ed un msg whatsapp dal nostro sistema di spedizione con gli allert di spedizione.

Potrà monitorare senza problemi il suo ordine.

How long does it take for delivery?

The order will be processed within two working days from the day on which the order is completed. The order is considered "completed" when: - the customer has sent the order, in the case of payment by bank transfer - documentary evidence of payment for the supply is provided by the customer via email.

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What forms of payment are available?

The available forms of payment are as follows:

- Credit card

- PayPal

- Bank transfer

- Cash on delivery

Are sales taxes included in the price? EU VAT rate is 20%

Hi Sir

No price is incluse vat only in EU outside of EU software deduct Vat, when you login to website if you live outside of Eu view only vat free prices

If you visit website without login view incluse vat and exclude vat prices.

Best Regards 

Non possibile il contrassegno?

Certamente, è possibile il pagamento in contrassegno, ha un costo di 6€ da aggiungere all'eventuale costo di spedizione.

Potrà sceglierlo nella pagina di pagamento alla voce "Pagamento alla consegna"

What is the procedure for placing an order?

Select the products to purchase and click on the "Add to Cart" button. The products will be placed in the cart. To complete the order, click on buy and carry out the indicated procedure, confirming from time to time, up to the choice of payment method. At the end of the procedure, the system will send you a summary email of the order placed.

Can an order be deleted?

Simply contact us using the Contact Us form

How can I get a written receipt of my order?

Once the order has been sent, a confirmation page will be displayed. This page will serve as your receipt and we recommend that you print it directly from your computer. In any case, immediately after the purchase, you will receive a notification e-mail also containing the order number of the purchase made.

What is the "cart"?

The shopping cart is the virtual space where you insert the products while visiting the site. The shopping cart shows you the products you have decided to buy. including the subtotal of the costs, so that at any moment you can have a precise idea of the expenses you are making. You can add, modify or remove products from your cart at any time.

Con quale bocchino con filtro? .

Tutti i bocchini per toscano con filtro 9mm che vede sul sito vanno bene.

How can I see what's in my "cart"?

With our system you will always have clearly visible what you want to buy in the cart icon at the top right. By clicking on the cart icon, a detailed list of all the products that you have decided to purchase up to that moment will immediately appear.

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